Most Nollywood Actresses no longer Wear Pa’nties to Movie Locations (See Photos)

Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu has claimed that most single ladies in the industry now visit movie locations without underw.ear.

Shock as Missing Grandmother is Found Inside Shallow Grave…You Won’t Believe Who Killed Her (Photo)

An old woman who had gone missing for several weeks has been found dead, with the news sending her community into commotion.

24 Year Old Pregnant Woman Killed By A Female Co-tenant Because Her Child Did This

24-year-old Jacinta Ewa Omiko, is alleged to have murdered her pregnant co-tenant, Ginika Gabriel, following an altercation because the victim’s child defecated on the ground, in their compound at Akpoh, Ebonyi State, The Sun reports.

MUST SEE : ‘2Face Idibia’ and Other Poor Nigerian Masses Visit Buhari in London (Hilarious Photos)

As President Muhammadu Buhari has restricted his attention to Nigerians of the ruling upper class, concerned common people have found an odd way to ‘pictorially’ pay the ailing leader a visit at the Abuja House in London.

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Man Cuts Wife Into Pieces For This Shocking Reason. [Photos]

Below is the mutilated skull of the woman whose body was cut into peaces by her husband. A Lagos driver, Shakiru Bello, who was arrested for allegedly killing his wife, Sherifat, said he cut her remains into pieces to escape the wrath of her father, Akeem Atanda,

See 9 Countries You Can Travel To And Get Rich In No Time – You Don’t Need To Travel To USA Before You Make It

Below are 9 countries you can visit and and get rich in no time…
1. New Zealand
Work culture supports work-life balance. Locals are extremely friendly. It’s often ranked best place in the world to raise a family. Cons: It’s far away. Internet speeds are slower than most developed countries.

2. Singapore Pros:
Strict fines for littering make it one of the cleanest places in the world. The crime rate is one of the lowest in the world. Ranked first in the world for ease of doing business by the World Bank. English is an official language. Cons It’s expensive. Even simple apartments in the city can be very costly. Polls find the citizens to be “the least positive” in the world.
singapore cropped
3. Switzerland Pros
Great for outdoor adventures. Taxes are low. Even as a foreigner, you can go to college for next to nothing. Extremely high quality of life rankings from Mercer. Chocolate. Chocolate everywhere. Cons The housing market is tight, with many areas running a vacancy rate between 0.2–0.8 percent. Shops close for two hours at lunchtime. The Swiss don’t love foreigners.
Switzerland cropped
4. China
It’s easy to get a job as an English teacher, and the benefits are great. Expats can make a lot of money working for multinational corporations tapping into the Chinese market. The low cost of living makes it easy to pay down debt or save for the future. Cons Air pollution in industrial cities makes China a poor choice for raising children. As a foreigner, you’re going to get stared at a lot. The Internet is subject to heavy censorship.china cropped

5. Hong Kong
Take advantage of some of the best healthcare in the world. As a multicultural haven, foreigners are more likely to feel at home. Public transportation is superb. There’s tons to do. Cons Cost of living is very high. Work culture often demands long hours.
Hong Kong cropped
6. India
Every dollar goes a lot farther. English is one of the many official languages. IT, media, film, banking, and engineering fields are growing, along with job prospects. Cons If you wait to find a job until after you move there, expect to make about 25% less than you would back home. Adapting to the culture can be challenging.
Best countries to work abroad: India
7. Ecuador
Enjoy spring-like weather year round. Health care is inexpensive. It’s easy for a couple to live on about $1,600 a month. Cons Electronics cost a lot more because of steep tariffs. For women, living in a Latin American country can mean dealing with constant harassment.
Ecuador cropped
8. Thailand
Low cost of living. Access to stunning scenery. Excellent food. It’s a great place to teach English. Cons Locals tend to hate confrontation, which can lead to passive-aggressive behavior. Two-tier pricing means that, if you’re not careful, you pay more as a foreigner.
Best countries for working abroad: Thailand
9. Belize Pros:
It’s possible to live on $1,500 a month. The US dollar is accepted as currency at most businesses. As a former British colony, the locals speak English. Cons: Visitors will probably encounter government corruption. Bugs.
Belize cropped

OMG! Tontoh Dikeh’s Husband Churchill, Break Down Asks People To Help Him Search For His Wife & Son – The Prize Involved, Will Blow Your Mind {Must See}

Tonto Dikeh popular Nollywood actress who gave up her acting career after she tied the knot with lover Oladunni Churchill. She had said she was quitting her acting career in order to have more time for her son King Andre, which is a product of her one-time marriage to Mr Churchill.
The once happy couple are currently facing marital problems according to reports and the failure was tied to Mr Churchill allegedly cheating on his wife with his PA.
The said separation had Tonto Dikeh leaving and taking her beloved son King Andre.
Several versions of the real issue has been played back and forth but from all indications, Tonto has blocked all access for estranged husband to reach her.
Churchill who wanted to celebrate his son’s birthday in a grand way was hindered and decided to wish his son a happy birthday on his social media page. He did so posting and empty seat fit for a king in which he refers his son.
A fan asked why the seat was empty and passed a comment saying an empty chair doesn’t make a throne and Oladunni replied asking fan(s) to join in search of his wife and son.

He said:
Would appreciate if you can join me look for them. i don’t have access to her (Tonto Dikeh) and the nanny doesn’t pick up…”

Man Places ‘Magun’ On Wife In Lagos, Wife Smartly Lures Him To Sleep With Her

Mrs Fatimah Adebayo, a 35-year-old woman, on Monday urged an Ikorodu Customary Court, Lagos, to dissolve her 14-year-old marriage to Mr Segun Adebayo, over alleged placement of sexual protective charm called “thunderbolt” on her.
The charm is aimed at tracking women’s infidelity in traditional Yoruba setting.
The petitioner, a fashion designer who resides at Macaulay Inside, Baiyeku Road, Igbogbo in Ikorodu, prayed the court to end the union to safeguard her life.
Fatimah further said she had gone through series of assault in the hands of the husband, adding that Adebayo was a threat to her life.
“My husband laid a thunderbolt, known in our local parlance as `Magun’ on me. “I got to discover through an old man in my area and through my father when I was sick.
But I smartly lured him to sleep with me so he contracted the thunderbolt effect, after making love with me, he tumbled twice and I called for neighbours’ help.

Besides that, my husband beats me, he does not trust me and he does not take care of our children’s welfare. Please save me from this marriage as living with him is now dangerous for me. This is because he can kill me,’’ she said.
When asked to comment on the allegations, Adebayo, 43, prayed the court to allow his counsel speak on his behalf. At that point, Mrs Omolara Abiola, the President of the court said it was important to either debunk or accept the allegations before a third party could come in.
Abiola adjourned the case till March 7, for further hearing.

HEARTBREAKING: See How Painful This Young Man Who Recently Served As Best Man Died In His Sleep {Photos}

While going through what killed him… we pray his soul continue to rest in peace…Amen… if you are really touched by his death, then pay your last respect to him by typing RIP in the comment box…
According to Chommy who shared the sad story, a young man named Nonso who recently served as best man at her wedding died in his sleep. Chommy who was thrown into tears with the news wrote….
‘Death! death! Y my nono?I still can’t believe DAT u are no more,my paddy 4life.full of life,Nonso I never knew yesterday would be my last day on seeing u on earth.”nono m” like I fondly call you, it so unfair,DAT u never gave any signal, u just left us like DAT even with a word or goodbye, it so shocking.
remember our plans,DAT after d best man,u were to my hubby on my wedding day,DAT u will still b my future baby Godfather,u nv stay to fulfill all those dreams.Chei! What a tragedy Nono, Who will fondly call me chomzy,who will crack jokes with m,who will i gist nd laugh so loud with,who will kill catfish 4me agn,who will pick my calls agn,and help me run an urgent errands agn.
ur death still reminds a misery and a big shock to me and d whole Ochomma’s family. if money will buy life,ur life must surely be brought to dz earth. infact,I don’t know what to write agn.but ur Ochomma Chinonsohinonsol 4ever live.Ochomma Chinonso.


Meet Nigerian Child Stars Who Are Already Millionaires Before Clocking 10 Or 12-Years {See How Much They Collect Per Show}

The earning power of a child celeb in Nigeria has increased in recent times. Gone are the days where kids were being paid chicken change. Now, they are being paid hefty sums just like their adult counterparts.

Female corper rejects Camry muscle her boyfriend got for her as Valentine Gift, says it wasn’t the car “They discussed”

Relationship blogger has shared another Valentine’s Day drama in which a lady boldly rejected a car gift as it failed to meet her taste. According to the lady in question, she felt her man could have done better.