VERY HOT: Get 10 Terra-bytes (10,000GB) of Data For N1,000 (Official)

If you are a heavy internet user and desire to enjoy the cheapest data tariff in the country, be ready to cross from the GSM pond to the CDMA side. Visafone offers a BlackBerry Complete plan that gives you ” unlimited” data for just N1,000 per month.

The connection works for regular browsing, VOIP and media streaming. Also, it can be shared/tethered, so you can use your BlackBerry as a wireless hotspot to share the data with your PC, tablet and other smartphones.

Of course, you have to buy a BlackBerry from Visafone to be able to use it. The way we see it, the cost of the device should be well worth it. Note though that only legacy BlackBerry OS 7.1 devices are available, specifically 9930 Bold, Curve 9370, and Curve 9310.


Visafone says that a fair usage policy applies to the BlackBerry Complete data. In practical terms, we gather that this translates to a 10 terabyte data cap. That is 10,000 gigabytes. If you can finish that within 30 days, you are boss. Game? Visit a Visafone centre to sign up.




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