RACISM is when a white BB Bold 6 cost more than a black BB Bold 6.
NEMESIS is when you submit your answer sheet with your expo inside.

LONG THROAT is when you take a girl out on a sunny day and she orders for a hot plate of pepper soup.
A WITCH is that girl that eats nkwobi, fish pepper soup, shawama, suya, chicken, smirnoff, fayrous and when you take her home she says sorry I'm on my period.

OVERSABI is when you are eating salad with a girl and she says, "Honey, this food no done."
OLODO is when you are in a plane with a girl and she says, "Honey I'm hot, can you please roll down the glass."
A HUNGRY CHILD is that kid that sees you eating and says, "My mummy said I shouldn't take food from strangers."
A STUBBORN CHILD is that kid that wakes up in the middle of the night when daddy and mummy are having a good time and says, "Mummy, I want to piss."
STINGINESS is when you finish reading this and you refuse to comment



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